Oral Hygiene Care

At Onslow Dental your Oral Hygiene is a top priority for us. We have two dedicated Dental Hygienist to take care of our patients oral hygiene.Your oral hygiene is closely linked to your general health and poor oral hygiene can lead to more serious health problems such as cardiovascular problems. Good oral hygiene can also help prevent dental problems and loss of teeth.Poor oral hygiene causes plaque and tartar build up.

Everyone is susceptible to plaque, it is a natural occurrence; however, if it is left on your teeth it forms tartar and as tartar builds, plaque bacteria clings to it, allowing a ripe breeding ground for bacteria to thrive in.
Tartar build up if not treated can lead to gum disease called periodontitis.
Periodontitis is a progressive gum disease that causes the bone supporting the tooth to be lost and can result in teeth becoming loose or being lost.
Healthy gums are pale pink and they do not bleed on brushing.
We recommend that you have at least two dental cleans a year either conducted by a dentist or a hygienist to prevent gum disease and to maintain good dental health.