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What is Dental Intravenous Sedation for Adult Nervous Patients?

Intravenous Sedation or ‘IV Sedation’ is administered in the dental surgery by a qualified dentist. It is designed to help you relax and remain calm during the procedure. The sedation agent is given through a small needle in the back of your hand or arm. Once you feel drowsy and sufficiently relaxed for treatment your mouth will be numbed and the treatment started.

During the procedure, you will feel peaceful and largely unaware of what is going on: in fact, many patients do not remember part or all of their treatment. At the end of your treatment, you will be allowed to recover until you are fit enough to be discharged home with your escort.

Dental IV Sedation is not like a general anaesthetic in hospital where you are put asleep. You are conscious at all times but relaxed. Dental treatment is conducted as normal but with the added bonus of having a relaxing drug administered with immediate effect.

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Designed by Creative Solutions © 2022. All rights reserved.